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For now, briefly, a take on the those "two words" (later those "three words" "with our support" regarding Iraq...

No-U-Turn Radio - connecting commentary & concern, Hank Faunce, Martin Voelker, Dean Wallace

Other forms of "the media" do exist. There's many examples. Here's one. This is a rather informal continuation and recognition of No-U-Turn Radio which was began by Martin Voelker, and which had Dean Wallace at the helm on nearly every Tuesday morning, 7:00 to 9:00 a.m.

It began about the current incarnation and ended with Dean's passing, not carried on "on-air" by anyone, It was two hours which departed from the "permissible spectrum," touching upon matters and concerns along with historical context that some might as well explicitly admit they would prefer: "no 'dissent among us'." It is a way to in effect backwardly connect and likewise continue in the current vein. The lively freshness of Dean Wallace's "news, views, and opinions from the progressive side of things" (or as one might say that which is seldom expressed by some forms of the media or what passes all to easily for intellectual discourse) was a Tuesday staple no doubt for some.

Also, one no doubt looked forward in the past to Hank Faunce's Promethean Commentary and Jazz, which followed Martin Voelker's live recordings he made and aired on 91.5 FM, WMFO. Dean also had 'aired" Making Contact, sometimes Between the Lines at times. Though rarely Alternative Radio, etc. but Dean got a lot in to complement the usual Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting.

Dean Wallace continued with generally opening the Tuesday 7:00 a.m. day with his "good morning" (as Martin did!) and then either some commentary of current and historical concerns, then F.A.I.R's (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting); a long time on WMFO back from the days of "In Public" which G/E has further details from WMFO "guide." In Public recalls evening memories of hearing and listening to radio. This was from this pre-archived radio days (aside from non-proprietary cassette tapes, one or two of which G.E has of Hank. He was "recognized" (recognition was something he mentioned to me) regarding his efforts on radio. G/E could have recorded more by of him using VLC, etc.

Again to stress (as is surely obvious) this is an informal effort by way of James, G/E, that is from "the threat of a []..."

This of course also includes information from "The Ruminator," but he probably took well deserved break. Also usually heard on WMFO, 91.5, each Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 10;00 a.m. but as of a [more than a few weeks ago now] after he stated he will be "off the air' for a semester or so. He also had continued a tradition, in a positive sense, of playing music and various readings of current articles from such people as Noam Chomsky and others as it relates to economic issues and concerns, or to state more generally, it is another complement to other forms of the media which adhere to the "permissible spectrum."

Maybe it is ironic that from time-to-time Noam Chomsky,, actually to bypass the goodexample's (G/E) efforts (see below) it is or will be a complement to, can be heard either doing a radio id ("Hello this is Noam Chomsky....") or one will hear a recording of one of his talks as well as many others, that for reasons that ought to be clear do not asound on the people's airwaves. And one does not have to wait say ten years to hear him.

As Tufts University is where WMFO resides and it being a so-called private institution, though of course existing within the surrounding community, of not only its students and faculty, but all the people involved in one way or another with it, and among the neighborhoods, and many concerns that are not far or not difficult to see, unless one failts not to look. One might consider something beyond the terms campus-community radio, or the even less informative, more general college radio, or even campus radio, but something akin to campus in the neighborhood radio, or campus-neigborhood radio, or thinking of further "integration" in the sense that Noam Chomskly has written, if intercampus radio which of course includes an interaction between students of a said university and students-and-all-community members by way of voluntary associations leading to an engaged community, changing "Justice is Love Operating at a Distance." to Justice is Concern [Integrated] at a Distance.

Speaking of names it was not all that long ago that one form of the media "dropped" without formally stating the reason on air as far as I know or even candidly in written form but maybe it was either a concern that one would not understand that "radio" these days can include a website-based complement including audio, transcript from forums, two-way, interactive feedback, complementing what is on air with website only interviews or completing a second portion or a follow-up as Democracy Now! ( does but could certainly do more.

What G/E is getting at with the name drop also seems to then have induced so-called member stations then to pick up where the name drop began and then add it to their maybe it is even more general than known to G/E by it being a form of name-your city public radio going something like Public radio (as one knows public radio is not trademarked it ought to include, or speaking geographically from Boston area, consist of including WERS, 89.9 FM, WATD, 95.9 FM, WHRB, 95.3 FM, but sadly also includes WUMB at times stating its Boston's 'NRP music station complementing Boston's culture and Boston news stations (not National Radio Project, god forbid) "produced in Boston for New England, I am so-and-so and this is 89.7 WGBH, online at, "at last departing (somewhat) with the ".oh are gee," and it ends with (almost the same enunciation, or pause / emphasis of "public" of the "dropped" name) "Boston Public Radio."

One might question how much autonomy these so-called stations have, of course there is locally produced radio that does not always bear the parent of sorts name at the beginning of the show but when costs, G/E means fundraising is raised seldom does one hear about the cost to hear such daily radio as...add later

as yet not even crude since I have yet to include the many connetions and consistent themes of his writings and talks over the years, some of which, for instance, from For Reasons of State, across even other forms of the media one is seldom to hear reference to much of this writing, same goes for Turning the Tide, Towards a New Cold War, etc.

This will also touch, more than that, upon sister stations WMBR, Radio with a View, stable of the community, and others fromt he dated Airwaveweb (, Truth and Justice Radio a consistent 6:00 a.m. force for years now on Sunday mornings or when ever one wants to hear before the two-week DMCA-presumed timeout of archived radio destines it to whomever might have saved it elsewhere, who air Between the Lines, TUC Radio "Time of Useful Consciousness Radio" and much else to be added here.

Temp. layout for now:

On Tuesday, 13 March 2012, in case one in unable to download the audio (as for the airing of of course one is able if willing to still hear the audio and much more, same for Making Contact...) the "archive" which is in affect for two weeks, as a result of DMCA,(The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)) which ought to be discussed or detailed more often:

Dean talked about Giles MacDonogh, specifically his book After the Reich: From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift, as well as mentioning others by him such as The Last Kaiser: William the Impetuous and presumably when he mentioned histories of Berlin and Prussia he meant: Berlin and Prussia: The Perversion of an Idea And earlier he talked about Doonesbury regarding Watergate whereby even with his sense of history or knowing that people as did Howard Zinn once speak of some people in audience being too young to have...or to know even if Dean said "may" not know about Watergate add here gotta run.....